Qingnangji Meridian Therapy

38fule Group’s Qingsangji Meridian massage-physiotherapy is morden treatment method combined with traditional Chinese medicine
and high-tech equipment.
Instead of the traditional acupuncture,moxibustion,cupping and scraping,through the physiotherapist’s meridian massage technique, the acupoints will be dredged throughly and therefore internal organs will be regulated accuratly.
Qingsangji can also achieve the effects of removing cold, detoxification, deacidification, exhaustion, and dehumidification! Make
People in sub-healthy state recover steo by step! improve the immune system! 
To promote Chinese medicine culture, 38fule Group brought the Qingsangji Meridian massage-physiotherapy to North America, allowing more
Western friends understand the usage and effect of Chinese medicine, which will benefit more people!

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