The rules concerning website usage

The rules concerning website usage

(I) General rules

1. Prior to registration, a user should carefully read this agreement and agree to abide by this agreement before becoming a registered user. Upon successful registration, the user and this website automatically form a relationship upon agreement, and the user shall be bound by this agreement. When a user uses special service or products, the user can only use them after agreeing to accept the relevant agreement.

2. This agreement can be updated by this website at any time, and the user should pay prompt attention and agree that this website does not bear notice obligation. The notices, announcements, statements or other similar content are party of this agreement.

(II) Content of service

1. The specific content of this website shall be provided by this website according to actual circumstances.

2. This website only provides the relevant network service, beyond which the user shall be solely responsible for the equipment related to the relevant network service (e.g. personal computer, cellphone, and other devices that are related to internet or mobile network access) and the necessary expenses (e.g. telephone expenses and internet expenses paid for internet access, and cellphone expenses paid for the use of mobile network).

(III) User accounts

1. A user who completes the registration procedure through the registration system of this website and passes identity verification shall become a formal user and can obtain all the powers the user can enjoy as stipulated by this website. This website has the right to change the design of a user’s powers.

2. A user can only register with his or her real name and ID or SIN number according to registration requirements. The user has the obligation to protect the safety of the password and the account. The user shall solely bear all responsibility for any losses or harm resulting from any activities conducted by the user with the password and the account, and this website shall not bear any responsibility. If a user discovers any unauthorized use of the account or the occurrence of any other safety issue, he or she should immediately change the password and keep it properly, and if necessary, notify this website. The website shall not bear any responsibility for any illegal use of the account as a result of hacker activities or the user’s negligence in safekeeping.

(IV) Usage rules

1. No illegal content shall be published without authorization in compliance with Canadian laws and regulations.

2. Unless otherwise stated, all information on the 38FULE website is protected by copyrights, trademarks and other laws. Unauthorized use may be in violation of copyright law, trademark law and other laws. A user can download and print some materials for non-business use and for information. The duplicates made from the materials must contain the statements of the 38FULE website on any property rights, trademarks or other property rights related to the duplicated materials. Without the prior written consent of 38FULE, the sale, revision, duplication or redistribution of any information on the 38FULE website in part or in whole is forbidden.

3. On the website, a customer can purchase the company’s products, and can also become a fee-paying member

(V) Protection of privacy

1. This website does not publicize or provide to a third party an individual user’s registration information or private content that is stored in this website during the user’s use of the network service, except for the following circumstances:

1.1 Prior specific authorization by the user;

1.2 Requirement of a government agency or police investigation;

1.3 For the protection of public interests.

2. This website may cooperate with a third party in providing the user with relevant network service, in which case, if the third party agrees to bear the same responsibility of protecting user privacy as this website, then this website shall have the right to provide a user’s registration information, etc. to the third party.

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